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Features and Benefits

Not only do Al Fresco tiles look amazing, they also have many other beneficial properties. Our tiles are manufactured in a way that avoids all imperfections associated with natural stone and traditional paving slabs. Pressed in a raw state and heated at very high temperatures, Al Fresco tiles are strong, durable and have a 10 year guarantee!


Algae & Moss



No need to worry about your tiles turning green - Al Fresco tiles are resistant to algae and moss keeping them looking their best all year round.


Al Fresco tiles have been designed to provide you with low maintenance living. To clean, simply use a hard brush and

soapy water. 


Easy to



Fade Resistant

Unlike traditional paving, Al Fresco tiles are great for sunny spots and will not fade or lose their colour.


Loose lay Al Fresco tiles onto grass or gravel, or use the pedestal system which allows you to create patio areas without the need for sealing. See Installation Advice for more information.

Simple to Install


Uniform Thickness

Al Fresco tiles are manufactured

to be completely level and flat. Every

tile is created at the exact same

thickness giving any project a premium perfect finish.


Al Fresco tiles are the perfect option for all seasons. Frostproof and durable, these tiles will not crack in winter temperatures.




Good Slip Resistance

Hard wearing and practical, Al Fresco tiles have a good slip rating of up to R11 making them ideal for indoors and outdoors. See below for more information on R ratings.

R Ratings are determined via testing in accordance with DIN 51130:2004, which is the “Testing of floor coverings; determination of the anti-slip properties; workrooms and fields of activities with slip danger; walking method; ramp test German National standard 2004”. This is fully recognised and adopted in the UK. The “R” values range from R9, which has a small degree of slip resistance, up to R13 which is the highest slip resistance. R9 & R10 ratings are suitable for indoor domestic areas, wheres R11 ratings and above are also suitable for external applications.

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